It’s Still Saturday…So

I just learned that Saturdays are for Strike Back. I don’t really know anything about the second series accept (Spoiler, just in case.) they killed John Porter off in the first episode and Cinemax fare isn’t really my thing anyway.

The first series was wonderful as far as these military shows go. Many of the actors turned in wonderfully layered performances, including Andrew Lincoln, who made it so I couldn’t quite despise Hugh Collinson. One of the aspects I most enjoyed was seeing Richard Armitage play opposite the girls playing his daughter. There was something very touching about the contrast between the strong military man–who doesn’t bat an eyelash at having to kill someone– and the tenderness the same man exhibits when interacting with his kid (for the most part anyway). That being said, I made some John Porter gifs…

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2 thoughts on “It’s Still Saturday…So

  1. Love the GIFs Jas and I’m with you on that wonderful contrast between JP’s toughness and the love for his family. I think that it’s this love that motivates his every action and RA has really brought that out in SB1 and plays him so well.

  2. Glad you like the GIFs, ChrisB. That contrast really is a huge part of what makes JP such a multi-layered character, and of course RA’s acting ability.

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