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I am excited about The Hobbit movies. I have wanted to see them brought to the big screen ever since The Lord of the Rings movies were released. But I’m that annoying person who reads the book before I see the movie and then complains about how the story was changed. As the years have gone by, I’ve been able to come to terms with the changes that drove me nuts in LOTR. Of course by “come to terms,” I mean that I no longer drive my friends and family crazy by telling them everything that is wrong with the movies, and there was a lot to complain about.

Remember in the book when Frodo was in Osgiliath? What’s that? Faramir didn’t take Frodo and Sam to Osgiliath? But…

The changes made to the character of Famamir was one of the most frustrating. In the books he was the exact opposite of his brother Boromir. He was wise, strong, and resolute. He never wavered in regards to the ring…he even understood that there was no way it should be taken to Minas Tirith. I remember feeling like the screen writers had betrayed the character when I first saw The Two Towers. They made the character an echo of his brother. While he never actually tried to take the ring from Frodo in the movie, he still intended to use the ring for his own purposes.

Why bring this up now? Thanks to having read this article on, it is all fresh in my mind. The article addresses concerns that Peter Jackson and his writing partners will change the story or worse the characters for The Hobbit. I hadn’t thought about it much, but that clip of Gandalf and Galadriel…yeah, I can see why that might be cause for concern.

On the whole I’m not too worried. Oh, I’m sure that the poor person who ends up seeing these movies will get to hear about all of the ways the story was messed up (Don’t worry, I’ll only go with someone who knows and accepts that this is what I do with movies adapted from books.) I’m also certain that I will love the movies in spite of the changes made. I guess this article just made me remember that I need to be prepared for some disappointment. At least the presence of Richard Armitage in the movies will  help ease the frustration! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Interesting Article about The Hobbit

  1. I haven’t even read The Hobbit yet but I will do so before the movie comes out with the understanding that there will be major changes. It will be Peter Jackson’s vision, not mine, and I am okay with that. Like you, I’m super excited about Richard Armitage’s appearance in the two films.

    Great animated gifs, by the way! 😀

    • I’m sure I will enjoy the movies. The Lord of the Rings movies have prepared me for the major changes that are certain to take place. I just hope they stay true to the characters that Tolkien wrote, even if they change the storyline in places. I was a Tolkien fan long before I had even heard of Richard Armitage…so his appearance is like the giant cherry on top! 🙂

  2. I finally read The Hobbit in preparation for the films – for some reason I could never get into it when I was younger and I started with LOTR instead. I know what you mean about changes made to the story for the films though. It can be quite upsetting to see your favourite characters changed beyond recognition. Some of the changes do serve a purpose though. A book can take all the time in the world to get its story across (provided it is well written and can keep the attention of the reader for long enough) but a film only has two-and-a-half, three hours max to wrap the story up. I suppose some of the character sacrifices PJ made for LOTR were probably done to reinforce the film’s themes and I read in an interview somewhere that he introduced some of the LOTR characters to bridge the two film cycles – which I think is fair enough. I always think the film of a book is a separate entity really as what works for the written media may not work for film. Having said that, I do hope he sticks as closely to the original as possible. It’s always nice to have the story in its purest form, if possible 🙂

    • Hey ChrisB, I just noticed that you had commented. Did you like The Hobbit once you read it? I’m not so worried about the introduction of LOTR characters into The Hobbit. Since The Hobbit was written first, Tolkien expanded things a lot in LOTR. Characters like Legolas would absolutely have been around during The Hobbit, since he’s a prince of Mirkwood. And Galadriel was at the White Council (it is in the Appendices). I agree that there are always going to have to be sacrifices when you try and condense a movie into two and a half or in PJ’s case normally closer to 3 hours. I just hope he keeps the characters as close to how Tolkien wrote them as possible.

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