Thror’s Map and Thorin Wallpaper

I’m still not feeling so hot. I can breathe again, but my body is still not up for much activity before it wants to crash. This being the case, we are having a Harry Potter marathon at my house today. I love the books, but the movies leave a lot to be desired. Rather than give all of my attention to movies that frequently frustrate me, I thought I would try my hand at making wallpaper again. This time I went with a Thorin theme.

Before I share my wallpaper, I thought I would share a couple of interesting things I learned while looking for images to use in the wallpaper. For instance, did you know that people actually get Thror’s map tattooed on their back. I knew Tolkien fan’s could be hardcore, but this was enlightening for me.

Picture Courtesy of

You can also buy replica’s of Thror’s map on goat skin. I don’t have any need for one of these, but I thought it was cool looking.

Picture courtesy of Wilkerson's Wyled Wares. I'm sure they would love it if someone wanted to purchase one of these.

On to the wallpaper. The resolution of my laptop screen seems a bit odd-1366×768. Does anyone know if this is an odd size or fairly standard for laptops?


After putting quite a bit of time into making the one for my laptop, I thought it probably wouldn’t take to much effort to play with the size. So I went ahead and made a couple more in various sizes. Just in case anyone out there in cyberland wants to use it.




Let me know what you think…even if you don’t like it. I think feedback helps us improve.

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6 thoughts on “Thror’s Map and Thorin Wallpaper

  1. Cool! Reminds me of LOTR 🙂 But i dont know who Thorin is.. lol

  2. DarkJackal

    Cool wallpaper! I was looking up monitor sizes the other day, and found a link that lists the % of people who use each size. Might be of use in future.

    I must question the wisdom of tattooing a map on yer back. Just how are you going to check where you’re headed?? Silly.

    On the other hand, it is obvious my devotion to the Quest is not as great as theirs is. All I have is a blog, for which I have shed neither tears nor blood. At least not yet. 🙂

    • Thanks for the link DarkJackal! I’m sure it will come in handy.
      LOL! I guess you would need a traveling companion to read the map for you! 😉
      I think I’ll stick with the blog…no blood or tear shedding for me.:)

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