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Well, we’ve had a blast! We’ve played in the waterpark to our heart’s content (although we will be making one final trip tonight) and done some geocaching. But, all good things must come to an end and we’ll be heading home tomorrow.

I had some down time today and decided to make a banner just for New Year’s. In case you can’t tell, I was trying to make fireworks (I used GIMP). 😉 I’m thinking about playing with Photoshop and making a new banner to put up after the first. Not sure exactly what it will look like, but I’m pretty sure it will feature John Thornton:

and certainly a little John Porter:

and of course a there has to be some Sir Guy:

and the lovely Lucas North (John Bateman who?) must make an appearance:

and I think Thorin may have to have a place as well:

There may be some additional chaRActers as well. If you happen by here in the next day or two and have any suggestions for pictures to use, feel free to voice your opinion. You will just have to check back after the New Year and see how the header turns out. 🙂

*All of the images (accept for the Thorin one) are from

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5 thoughts on “New Headers

  1. Ooh I’m looking forward to seeing your new banner! You should include your favorites. If Harry Kennedy is one of them, then you might want him in the mix. 🙂 Love the fireworks. Very cool! I’ve thought of adding fireworks to my banner too. Great minds, eh?

  2. I love your header!! I see your blog has morphed from a recipe blog into a full fledged RA blog! I wonder how THAT happened? 🙂
    I need to make myself a decent header. I think I just read that you used the GIMP program? I have just downloaded it so now I can give myself that project. May I ask – what are the dimensions?
    Thanks for including me on your blog roll. I will return the favour!

    • Thanks phylly3! I don’t know about the morphing. I get a lot of hits from people looking for gluten-free recipes, so I think that I’ll keep posting about that as well. But you know, if they come by for the food, maybe they will leave with a new appreciation for a certain tall, dark and handsome actor! 😉 The dimensions for the header are 1000×288 pixels. That is the size required for the WordPress theme I use. I’m more than happy to have you on my blog roll. I don’t think I’ve ever commented over there, but I love to read your posts!

      • Oh I wish you would! I had no idea you were ever there! 🙂
        Thanks for the info. about the header.
        I have a suggestion — What about if you added some of your baking to your header? It might look like you are feeding your goodies to RA? 🙂

        • I’ll make sure to leave a comment next time I’m over there! 🙂
          I like your idea about making it look like RA is eating some of my food. I’ll have to play around with that. I haven’t put food in the header before because it just isn’t as much fun to play with pictures of food as it is to play with pictures of RA! 😉

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