Hobbit Trailer GIFS and A New Jayne Hat

Today has been really busy, but I have found some time to play! I made some animated gifs from The Hobbit trailer. I know there are others out there who have already done this, and I’m sure did a better job. But I enjoy the process.

And on the off chance someone hasn’t already found that you can just listen to the clip of Richard Armitage and the rest of the dwarves singing:

You can even download an mp3 of the song clip at RAFrenzy‘s blog.

I’m curious if anyone else is reminded of Jayne Cobb from Firefly when looking at James Nesbitt’s hat as Bofur?

James Nesbitt as Bofur

Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb

Headed off for a Christmas vacation tomorrow, so I don’t know how much I’ll be on the computer. Wishing everyone who stops by here a Merry Christmas!

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8 thoughts on “Hobbit Trailer GIFS and A New Jayne Hat

  1. DarkJackal

    Gifs are wonderful!! The bottom two! I’m going to die! People just can’t seem to get close enough to Gandalf these days! Can’t blame them.

    • Thanks DarkJackal! I love Gandalf, and am sooo excited that Sir Ian McKellan is back to play him again!!!

      • DarkJackal

        Someone on LiveJournal wanted an icon of the Gandalf-Thorin “not responsible for his fate” scene, so I thought I would ask if you could make a multiframe one.

        • I’ll have to look up the requirements for a LiveJournal icon, but I can give it a try. Do they want words on it or just the animation?

      • DarkJackal

        If you could include words that would be cool, but the scene is well known enough now that it’s not absolutely necessary. Thanks so much for checking into it!!

  2. Lovely animated gifs! It’s fun to make them. I laughed at your comparison of Bofur and Jayne Cobb!

    • Thanks for the encouragement bccmee. One of the first coherent thoughts I was able to formulate after watching the trailer was the Bofur/Jayne Cobb comparison. It took me a while to get there though, because I was so overwhelmed with RA’s singing!!!

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