365 Days and Counting

Just one little year from today and all of us who have been waiting to see a big screen production of The Hobbit will finally get our wish!!! Ever since The Lord of the Rings movies came out, I’ve been hoping The Hobbit would get its moment to shine!

There is also certain fan-base who have been waiting for years to see Richard Armitage in a leading role on the big screen! Yup…I’m looking forward to that as well. 🙂

Thanks to richardarmitagenet.com and theonering.net for the image


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2 thoughts on “365 Days and Counting

  1. DarkJackal

    Ah the year will just fly by, don’t worry! They just need to keep us going with little bits of info now and then.

    • I’m sure it will fly by! They have done a really good job of keeping us going so far. Between the Vlogs and Eric Vespe’s reports. Although I know Armitage fans would like more info on him in particular. 🙂

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