Another GIF

Here is another attempt at making a gif. I’m sure if you are a Richard Armitage fan-and you don’t have an IPad-you have already been over to Vimeo to see the videos from the Project Magazine shoot. If not you can see them here, here and here I used one of those for this gif. I’m not super thrilled with how it turned out, but I thought I would share it anyway.

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3 thoughts on “Another GIF

  1. I especially LOVE the caption. “Guh, Thud, Wowza” indeed!

    • Bccmee, I put a lot of thought into what the caption would be. “Guh, Thud, Wowza!” seemed like the only viable option. 😉

  2. And somehow “Guh, Thud, Wowza!” is the most eloquent thing to say when confronted with that image.

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