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I know others have already posted this image. But, wow, his eyes are just so incredibly striking here.

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield courtesy of

As a huge Tolkien fan, I was already looking forward to The Hobbit being turned into a movie (or two as the case may be). My favorite actor as a major character….icing and cherry on the top!!!

And this scene with Martin Freeman is one of my favorites from the book! I just love when Bilbo climbs up and looks over the tops of the trees in Mirkwood forest. There is something really beautiful in Bilbo breaking through the tree tops to see the sunlight, while they are in the middle of the darkness that is Mirkwood. The look of pure joy on Freeman’s face, makes me anxious to see this scene come to life.

Martin Freeman as Bilbo courtesy of

Seeing this screen cap already has me squirming picturing the giant spiders. Yuck!!!

The Dwarves courtesy of

If you haven’t seen the newest Hobbit production video blog, it is really fascinating to hear about the 3D aspects of the production.

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