That Stinkin’ Leftover Candy

Cucumber slices, celery, carrot sticks: these are the healthy things we should want to eat. But no. On a day like today-November 1st, what is it that we want to eat? The candy that’s sitting in a bowl, somewhere in the house. You know what I’m talking about, that stinkin’ leftover candy from Halloween. Sometimes I wonder what exactly it is about us that makes us crave the very things we should avoid. I know that candy is in no conceivable way good for me. I know that it is empty calories. But none of that stops my body from craving just one more little piece. I can’t be alone, right?

So I have a two part solution. First, I’m going to lengthen my walk today. I may not be able to completely say no to the candy, but I can walk some of the calories off. Second, I’ll indulge in some eye candy instead of the sugary kind!

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One thought on “That Stinkin’ Leftover Candy

  1. Hey, there. Surfed into your blog from me + richard. The eye candy is good. The beard is good. (just don’t tell judiang I said that). Keep writing, what you have so far is fun!

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